Is affirmative action ethical essay

Ethical dilemma in Affirmative action plan Essay

Government agencies expanded their reach to oversee implementation. Some qualities they may look for in a person are experience, qualification, education, work ethic, employment history, attitude and professionalism. It assumes that minorities are unable to succeed on their own merit and due to such inferiorities must be given an advantage over the majority.

If a society is racist and minorities are being discriminated against, the Relativist might think that it is improper to judge that society. Current United States law mandates that affirmative action programs exist for these veterans, and that respective agencies continually evaluate the success of these programs and report to the Federal Government.

Backers of affirmative action argued that blacks and other victims of past discrimination were so far behind in the economic race that without preferential treatment, equal opportunity would never be more than a high-sounding phrase. The race has already been tainted.

Discrimination, in all forms, is not a virtuous character quality. The first candidate is white, a Harvard Law School graduate, has impressive board scores, served as editor of the Law Review, etc One argument suggests that disabled veterans should not receive preferential treatment over better qualified candidates who are not disabled veterans Oh, Choi, Neville, Anderson, and Landrum-Brown, Untilwhen the Supreme Court handed down Brown v.

Instead, right or wrong is based on the results of the rule and its subsequent impact on society. It outlines that a virtuous person will have certain character qualities, in the proper proportion and in harmony with all other qualities. The logic behind this argument is rather simple; there are more individuals in a majority than in a minority, in fact, that is their very definitions.

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So, he walks over to the runner, who is fifty yards ahead and tells him that what he did was unfair and wrong and he is forbidden from doing it again.

However, the Ethical Egoist could argue that self-interest, rather than selfishness is the driving force of individuals and that one cannot simply be expected to labor for others their entire life with no concern for their own interests. Unfortunately, the practice of affirmative action has led to some conflict both within and between various minority and special needs groups.

Despite their service and their disabilities, a utilitarian perspective asserts that such decisions must be made based on the greatest amount of good offered to the greatest number of people.

Proponents of this view assert that the aim of affirmative action is to promote equality amongst minority and special needs groups who may otherwise experience discrimination. It is true, for example, that U.

Discrimination in all forms is abhorrent and immoral.04/18/13 Affirmative Action Affirmative action is the implementation of policies that promote equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their sex, race, ethnicity, or religion.

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Affirmative action has been a controversial issue, because some forms of affirmative action can be seen as reverse discrimination.

There are various arguments for and against affirmative action%(2). Affirmative Action Essay Affirmative Action is any effort taken to expand opportunity for women or racial, ethnic and national origin minorities by using membership in those groups that have been subject to discrimination as a consideration.

Ethical dilemma in Affirmative action plan - Assignment Example On In Assignment Sample Ethical dilemma is a condition which occurs due to apparent conflict between various “seemingly correct” moral thoughts. capabilities. In this essay I will expose what I see as the shortcomings of the current ethical attacks on affirmative.

action (1), the main one being, that these attacks are devoid of proper historical context and. The Ethics of Affirmative Action. Government Is Most Responsible for the Conditions Minorities Face Friday, July 01, Steven Yates. Culture Education Collectivism Coercion Free Markets.

Dr. Yates was a visiting philosophy professor at the University of South Carolina last year. He is a Salvatori Fellow at The Heritage Foundation and an.

Affirmative Action or Negative Action ; Miriam Schulman.

Ethical dilemma in Affirmative action plan - Assignment Example

seem a strange admission in the introduction to an article that I hope will be seen as an evenhanded exploration of the ethical issues involved.

But I have come to believe that — in the affirmative action debate, at least — we cannot move forward unless we understand the justice.

Is affirmative action ethical essay
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