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Therefore, we do not know to what extent the community investment has actually yielded tangible benefits for the local people. Chinese business leaders are still largely focused on export markets and on the growing and relatively prosperous domestic urban market.

This is at least partly due to the highly visible negative effects of day-to-day operations such as oil spills and the resulting protests by civil society groups and indigenous people.

In the last few years the government has sought to ease tensions in the countryside by repealing the agricultural tax on farmers and abolishing school Csr for cnooc for students in the poorest regions. On March 5, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao announced the abolition of school tuition and fees for all rural students, the launch of a rural cooperative healthcare system and a new welfare rogram for the poorest people.

The EITI was launched in to improve the transparency of revenues paid by oil, gas and mining companies to host governments, which in turn would limit corruption related to such revenues. To protect the area, the Csr for cnooc bay natural reserve was formed. They targeted the growing market for cleaner fossil fuels like natural gas.

In the words of one development professional in Nigeria: Sustainability and Inclusiveness Primer: Researchers should note a peculiar problem faced during the preparation of this case study. Business Csr for cnooc complained that compliance increased their costs which they were largely unable to pass onto their customers— often the very ones that were demanding the changes.

As a result, a culture of demanding and receiving is not emerging, which differs from other businesses that operate here. However, the most important observation is that CSR has been adopted in the industry very unevenly. These changes in effect constituted a development bargain between the Chinese Communist Party, the government and the people.

The sociological context of CSR development and implementation changed in the post-Suharto era with the government recognizing the importance of stakeholders.

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Have certificate in crane inspection and maintenance e. Minimum 10 years of working experience with minimum 5 years in IFRS. Towns and counties took on many of the social services that had previously been organized by the agricultural communes.

As the project came under national economic interest, Indonesian law made it mandatory that government protection be given to such projects.

The local currency rupiah collapsed and lost 85 percent of its value by mid Yet CSR initiatives will not be able to tackle some of the key social and environmental challenges in the oil and gas sector without addressing governance. For future success, CSR is indispensable.

CNOOC Uganda awards scholarships to Oil and Gas students

However, BP also pointed out in its report that drilling fluids and cuttings might be discharged directly into Bintuni bay in case of an emergency. They began to market their goods in their own name outside of China Lenovo, Haier, Huawei.

Indeed, profit-maximising motives are often incompatible with good development practice Second, multinational companies often fail to acknowledge the full extent of their interactions with society and politics and they do not accept responsibility for macro-level issues — issues concerning the society-wide impact of their industry.

Qualifications include but not limited: One must note that the government machinery is capable of creating the feeling of insecurity by indulging in excesses as noted in the case.

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The issues facing BP in Tangguh were many: The Global Context Changes in European Communist regimes in the late s and early s triggered a dramatic remaking of the world economic order.

However, companies have no responsibility to take on problems unless they cause them or unless solving the problem has a clear benefit to the business. Not a single company systematically measures the effectiveness of its development interventions, either in terms of scientific measures e.

These conditions have been in short supply in China.


Coordinate and prepare yearly Business Plan with Business Planning Department, including the preparation of budget slides pack for management.

Geology has not restricted the distribution of hydrocarbons to areas governed as open pluralistic democracies. If you consider yourself as a strong and convincing personality with total dedication, we encourage you to apply for the above position.

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Permanent Position Role Purpose: Maintain professional relationship with Partner s and internal team at Mubadala Petroleum.TOKYO (teachereducationexchange.com) -- CNOOC Ltd., China's biggest offshore oil company, sold $ million of convertible bonds in what it said was the nation's largest such sale to international investors.

to oil spill prevention: mandatory government regulation or voluntary initiatives often pursued under the banner of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Here we investigate to what extent voluntary CSR initiatives can be effective in oil spill prevention. Name of the organization: CNOOC Limited (the “Company", “CNOOC Ltd”) Reporting period: The report also includes information after the reporting period to maintain information continuity.

Scope of the Report: CNOOC Ltd and its subsidiaries Content of the Report: CSR vision and commitments, CSR practices and performance of CNOOC Ltd.

Health, Safety and Environment.


We has established a health and safety system operating to international standards to ensure staff occupational health and production safety; this is regarded as part of corporate social responsibility. Jul 29,  · CNOOC Uganda Limited, an oil and gas company, today announced its sponsorship of the Bunyoro Amasaza Cup.

This marks three years of the oil company’s support towards the tournament which attracts various counties in Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom. The relationship between the Government of Guyana and China National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) Nexen advanced further on Wednesday when a meeting was held between Raphael Trotman, Guyana’s Minister of Natural Resources and representatives of the company in Guyana.

Csr for cnooc
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